Houston Injury Lawyers explain: What is compensation for personal injuries?

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It’s important to know how compensation in Houston works if you plan on filing a personal injury lawsuit. The compensation for personal injury can differ depending on what type of accident or injury you have. With the assistance of an experienced houston personal injury attorney, here’s everything you need to understand about the compensation process:

Economic Damages: These are quantifiable losses in financial terms that result from the injury. These include medical costs, property damages, lost wages, as well as future medical costs. To ensure that you receive full reimbursement, your attorney for personal injuries will calculate all of these expenses.

Non-Economic Losses: Intangible damages include pain, suffering, distress and reduced quality of life. Your attorney will determine the value of these damages and ensure that you receive appropriate compensation.

Punitive damages: Sometimes punitive compensation is awarded for recklessness or deliberate behavior. Your lawyer will evaluate whether you are eligible for punitive compensation and take steps to obtain them, if necessary.

Legal fees: Most Houston personal injury lawyers charge a contingent fee. Their fees depend on the outcome of your case. They are usually paid as a percentage of your final settlement. It is important that you have an attorney who will maximize the compensation for your case.

Houston and the rest of Texas have a personal injury statute of limitation. You have generally two years to bring a claim after the date of injury. It is vital to contact a personal injuries attorney quickly in order to make this deadline.

Texas uses a modified comparative negligence rule. Compensation can be reduced proportionally if there is a shared responsibility. Your right to compensation will be protected by a personal injury attorney who is skilled in minimizing any accusations of joint fault.

Houston personal injury attorneys can assist you in navigating the complicated world of injury claims. This will ensure you are compensated for your injuries and that all your rights are respected.

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